The 20th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods

12-16 November 2018 - Gold Coast, Australia

List of Accepted Papers for ICFEM 2018

Diego Marmsoler A Framework for Interactive Verification of Architectural Design Patterns in Isabelle/HOL
Wanling Xie, Huibiao Zhu and Shengchao Qin UTP Semantics for BigrTiMo
Yuan Fei and Huibiao Zhu Modeling and Verifying NDN Access Control Using CSP
Teck Ping Khoo and Jun Sun The Miles before Formal Methods - a Case Study on Modeling a Passenger Lift System
Nils Berg, Thomas Göthel, Sabine Glesner and Armin Danziger Preserving Liveness Guarantees from Synchronous Communication to Asynchronous Unstructured Low-Level Languages
Guohui Wang, Yong Guan, Zhiping Shi, Qianying Zhang, Xiaojuan Li and Yongdong Li Formalization of Symplectic Geometry in HOL-Light
Inna Vistbakka, Amin Majd and Elena Troubitsyna Deriving Mode Logic for Autonomous Resilient Systems
Matthieu Martel Strongly Typed Numerical Computations
Timm Liebrenz, Paula Herber and Sabine Glesner Deductive Verification of Hybrid Control Systems modeled in Simulink with KeYmaera X
Tsutomu Kobayashi and Fuyuki Ishikawa Analysis on Strategies of Superposition Refinement of Event-B Specifications
Paul Gainer, Sven Linker, Clare Dixon, Ullrich Hustadt and Michael Fisher The Power of Synchronisation: Formal Analysis of Power Consumption in Networks of Pulse-Coupled Oscillators
Dileepa Fernando, Naipeng Dong, Cyrille Jegourel and Jin Song Dong Verification of Strong Nash-equilibrium for Probabilistic BAR Systems
Xi Wu, Yi Lu, Patrick Meiring, Ian Hayes and Larissa Meinicke Type Capabilities for Object-Oriented Programming Languages
Mihai Herda, Michael Kirsten, Marko Kleine Büning, Bernhard Beckert and Simon Bischof Using Theorem Provers to Improve the Precision of Dependency Analysis for Information Flow Control
Vladimír Štill and Jiří Barnat Model Checking of C++ Programs under the x86-TSO Memory Model
Colin Snook, Thai Son Hoang, Dana Dghaym, Michael Butler, Tomas Fischer, Rupert Schlick and Keming Wang Behaviour-driven formal model development
Aaron Craig, Alex Potanin, Lindsay Groves and Jonathan Aldrich Capabilities: Effects for Free
Michael Foster, Ramsay Taylor, Achim Brucker and John Derrick Formalising Extended Finite State Machine Transition Merging
Naipeng Dong and Tim Muller The Foul Adversary: Formal Models
Cunjing Ge, Jiwei Yan, Jun Yan and Jian Zhang Checking Activity Transition Systems with Back Transitions against Assertions
Jinyun Xue, Yujun Zheng, Qimin Hu, Zhen You, Wuping Xie and Zhuo Cheng PAR: A Practicable Formal Method and Its Supporting Platform
Zhiwu Xu, Kerong Ren, Shengchao Qin, and Florin Craciun CDGDroid: Android Malware Detection Based on Deep Learning using CFG and DFG

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