The International Sports Analytics Conference and Exhibition (ISACE) series (new)

The 1st ISACE, 12 - 13 July 2024, Paris
(one week before summer olympics)

ISACE 2024

List of Accepted Regular Papers

Darren Rowe, John Salmon and Willie Harrison. Brigham Young University. How to Analyze Coaching: This is the WAE
Kan Jiang, Zhaoyu Liu, Qirui Wu, Murong Ma and Jin Song Dong. National University of Singapore. Tracking Small and Fast Moving Ball in Broadcast Videos using Transfer Learning and the Enhanced Interactive Multi-Motion Model
Aref Smiley and Joseph Finkelstein. University of Utah. Predicting Real-Time Exercise Exertion with Deep Learning: Insights from Wearable Device Data
Zhaoyu Liu, Chen Dong, Chen Wang and Tian Yu Dong. National University of Singapore, Louisiana State University, Saint Mary’s College of California. Exploring Team Strategy Dynamics in Tennis Doubles Matches
Alexis Mortelier, François Rioult and John Komar. Université de Caen Normandie, Université de Caen, Nanyang Technological University. Design of a handball tactics observatory based on dynamic sub-graphs
Ishara Bandara, Sergiy Shelyag, Sutharshan Rajasegarar, Dan Dwyer, Eun-jin Kim and Maia Angelova. Deakin University, Coventry University, Flinders University, Aston University. Time-Series Analysis of Ball Carrier Open-Space in Association Football
Darren Rowe, Willie Harrison and John Salmon. Brigham Young University. The Two-Point Dilemma: Does Going for Two Win Close Football Games?
Zhaoyu Liu, Murad Durrani, Leong Yu Xuan, Julian-Frederik Simon, and Tan Yong Feng Deon. National University of Singapore. Strategy Analysis in NFL using Probabilistic Reasoning
Albrecht Zimmermann. Université de Caen Normandie. Learning predictive models for match outcomes in US sports, and using them to bet
Gerhardt Breytenbach and Jacomine Grobler. Stellenbosch University. A Generic Virtual Template for Camera Calibration in Soccer Broadcast Footage
Sungheum Um and Seungbok Lee. Fortium, Yonsei University. Effects of KF94 face mask on cardiopulmonary function and subjective sensation during graded exercise: A comparison of KF94 2D and 3D face masks
Rajdeep Singh Hundal. National University of Singapore. Soccer Strategy Analytics Using Probabilistic Model Checkers
Willie Harrison and John Salmon. Brigham Young University. WAR Accumulation Differential: A Statistic for Identifying Undervalued Players
Charles Danoff, Isaih Battiste and Christopher Hanes. daLab, FIreball Findings, Team IC2. Lending a Hand in Bringing Ballcarriers Down
Nikolay Shmakov. St. Petersburg State University Application and development of the expected goals for hockey player evaluation
Masoumeh Tabaeh Izadi and Ehsan Goodarzi. Tvconal. Structure From Motion and Augmented Reality In Sports Optical Tracking
Jan Rejthar. University of Economics and Business, Prague. Sweaty, but not Hot: Gamers’ “cool” hands
Kwangtae Moon, Jin-i Hong and Jongbae Kim. Yonsei University. Data-Driven Smart Living Lab: Enhancing Community-Based Rehabilitation and Sports Participation for Individuals with Disabilities
Rasmus Säfvenberg, Anders Nordgaard, Ola Lidmark Eriksson, Niklas Carlsson and Patrick Lambrix. Linköping University, Football Analytics Sweden AB. Age of Peak Performance among Soccer Players in Sweden

List of Accepted Practical Experience Papers

Edward Coyle. Georgia Institute of Technology. Smart Stadium: A Testbed for Research, Development and Deployment of Sports Analytics Systems
Alexander Schilling, James Anurathan, Johannes Mühlberger, Felix Gerschner, Manfred Rössle, Andreas Theissler and Marco Klaiber. Aalen University of Applied Sciences. Querying Football Matches for Event Data: Towards using Large Language Models
Reerink-Boulanger Juliette, Ferssiwi Auréanne, Projetti Maxime, Correa Matthieu and Somat Alain. Hospitalité Saint Thomas de Villeneuve, Moten Technologies, Université Rennes 2. Mechanomyography as a promising tool for managing physical activity and preventing injuries in the field
Robert Moskovitch, Perry Sinai, Denis Rize, Liam Holohan and Paulo Saldanha. Ben-Gurion University, Israel Premier Tech. The Velodrome - Procyclists Data Analytics
Raveendran Paramesran. Monash University, Malaysia. Service and End of Rally Detection in Badminton Videos
Samuel Moffatt, Ritu Gupta, Suman Rakshit and Brad Keller. Curtin University, Fremantle Football Club. Identifying team playing styles across phases of play: A user-specific cluster framework
Leili Javadpour, Mehdi Khazaeli and Ryanne Molenaar. University of the Pacific. Analyzing Soccer Training Sessions to Predict Player Match Performance

List of Accepted Short Papers

Samah Senbel, N. Sertac Artan, Christopher Taber, S. Alexander Long, Srishti Sharma, Mahmud Kandawala, Mehul Raval, Srikrishnan Divakaran and Tolga Kaya. Sacred Heart University, New York Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad University, Krea University. An Evaluation of The Determinants of Performance in NCAA Division I Women's Basketball: A Dual-Season Investigation


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